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A photo showing a girl using the high ropes with the message 'Let your mind be free'.

Youth groups and schools

Sky Reach aims to offer activity based and education based experiences to the highest quality in a safe and supervised environment.

The staff work towards four core principals during educational visits with the aim of getting the most out of each session with the children.

Four core principals

Responsibility (will include safety, care, emotional/physical support):

  • for self
  • for others
  • the environment.


  • speaking and listening
  • receiving and giving feedback (reviewing)
  • planning  (listening to the opinions of others and considering their views)
  • listening to information and accurately passing on to others (cascading).


  • team effort in order to complete a joint task/problem solving
  • compliance
  • coordination.

Self esteem and confidence:

  • success through participation and involvement.

Advantages of using Sky Reach:

  • Safety EN 15567 part 1 and 2
  • qualified and experienced staff
  • Telford & Wrekin Council ownership, and excellent value for money 
  • risk management in house no need to complete form 16A, inform EVC coordinator
  • direct links to national curriculum
  • local, reduced transport costs.

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Two girls enjoying the high ropes